Campana Ranch Training Stables
Windsor, CA (707) 328-3723

"Calm and Connected"

Campana Ranch

Campana Ranch Training Stables is a training facility, specializing in quarter/stock horses. Horses are seen and treated individually, from housing to hay, supplements, and training methods.  Using Centered Riding techniques, we match rider seat and body position to the biomechanics of the horse, creating fluid, balanced horses.  Horses are shown in Reining, Western Dressage, and Stock Horse events, but because of the style of training, can easily become all-around horses showing in any discipline in which the conformation and athleticism of the particular horse is suited.  Whenever possible the horses are housed in a pastured situation, a natural, healthier living environment where relationships within the herd provide a strong support to the training program.  The horses are brought along slowly, with care, connection, calmness and leadership, building a strong foundation for all future riding and training, no matter what the discipline.  An atmosphere of trust and relaxation is the foundation of our program, adjusting the training to meet each and every horse’s unique needs and qualities. Horses are ridden out on the trail for conditioning, and arena work focuses on building strength and balance using gymnastic exercises, providing a variety of experiential learning.


There are “…two methods – and all their consequences – with which to obtain services from a horse.  On one side there is the unconditional subjection by force and punishment with which the rider may reach his goal more quickly but only if he has a good-natured creature with no tendency to fight.  This kind of education, however, will undermine the individual character of the animal and result in obedience out of fear.  The brilliance of such a horse will be lost and he will be indifferent towards man or even hostile.  If on the other hand the training of the horse is based on kindness, calmness, and ample reward as well as understanding for his personality, the result will be happy obedience on the part of the horse and pleasure in his work.  It may take a little longer to obtain progress than with the other methods but there will never be that ugly fight between man and animal.  The charm and brilliance of the horse will be maintained, even enhanced, and preserved until his old age.”  Alois Podhajsky.