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Leasha La Bruzzi

November - 18 - 2013

When I started riding with Sher I was in the middle of working through some serious fears around riding and handling horses… and some real self-confidence issues when it came to my riding ability and balance. But before I tell you about the great impact Sher’s training and guidance has had on my life I must give you just a little background information about myself.

I grew up riding on an off from the age of seven and generally found every way possible to stay involved with horses. I learned my first lessons from my godmother, who taught me the basics and gave me my passion for riding. At the age of twelve I found a groom position in exchange for lessons. I ended up going to college for Equine Science. Then I did an internship in Kentucky on a race horse farm learning to start the horses under saddle. It was around this time that I started to lose my confidence and gain my fear. I had a few hard falls while in Kentucky. I tried one more time in California to work with race horses but one last fall there completely shattered any confidence I had left. It was just after this that my godmother passed away and I felt totally lost. On top of all this… my body was injured and I would discover there was physical pain that would continue long after recovering from the accident.

After awhile I felt I needed a connection with horses again. After all… it was really the last connection I had to my godmother and I didn’t want to let that slip away. I took some lessons out in Napa but both money and time made it difficult to drive all that way and I felt I had reached a point in my lessons out there where I needed something else. This is when I met Sher…

The way Sher worked with me is exactly the same way she works with all the horses. She has patience and is understanding and kind but is also clear and firm and consistent in asking you to do what she knows will help you move better. She never lets you fall too far backwards because she is constantly moving you forward in your training. She can pinpoint exactly the body part, muscle, joint, or whatever it is that is not moving the way it should be and get you to fix it. She also knows the difference and is very responsible about giving consideration to the fact that sometimes the problem is not about ability or effort… it is about pain or illness and she absolutely makes sure that issue is resolved first. She also knows how to handle emotions and thoughts or where you seem to be stuck and knows how to gently and caringly help you become unstuck. She is neither stingy with praise nor constructive criticism.

Before I knew it I was riding with confidence again. My balance was better than it had ever been and I realized I did have great riding skills all along. I would recommend Sher for any person or horse that either needs help with a problem, wants to improve their skills or just wants to get started off on the right foot. As for myself, it is not just the lessons and support Sher has given me that has made a difference… it is also the horses I learned to trust as a result of the time and effort Sher puts into them.

Leasha La Bruzzi

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